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Narrated by: Stan Bernard

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TALK ABOUT LUCK!!!! Combat Photographers were sent along to document the rescue and return to civilization of the 511 POW's rescued from Cabanatuan on 30 Jan 1945. The photographers were there on the S.S. General Anderson when it pulled into San Francisco Bay and showed the men debarking. In the clip showing the men coming down the gangplank is a picture of Hank Cowan. He is the man on the very far left and looks at the MP at the end of the clip. This clip has been used in almost every movie, article, TV show, or special that has been produced on this subject. At first I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to copy it, slow it down, call in all the relatives, and then finally accept that my Dad was at the right place and the right time to get his face shown to millions after all these years. I know that Dad is smiling down from Heaven. Dad, you deserve it. God Bless!


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